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Catherine Swope Mysteries

The Catherine Swope series is on hiatus for revisions and will be returning soon!

Watch this space for more information.

Zoned for Murder

Ex-cop turned dog walker Catherine Swope is struggling to discover a new career path and a sense of belonging. Both vanished when she left Florida law enforcement after a justified shooting in the line of duty. When the heavy-handed actions of Gavin Allison, Summer Hill’s Zoning Commissioner, create a near riot at the monthly commission meeting, Catherine is the first on the scene. Her quick response protects the commissioners from the fury of the enraged residents. 

The next morning a news story breaks revealing the Commissioner’s affair with a teenage girl when he was a partner in a prominent Miami law firm. Catherine discovers his body hanging in his garage and morphs into cop mode, reporting the death and beginning an investigation. Public revelations of the victim’s past indiscretions and money problems lead the police to close the file, but Catherine’s investigator’s gut makes her sure the manner is murder, not suicide, and she intends to prove it. 

Zoned for Murder Kait Carson
Returning Soon
Murder in the Multiples

Catherine Swope leaves her dream of returning to police work behind and turns instead to selling high end real estate in Miami's white-hot market. Her law enforcement connections give her an inside track on confiscated mansions coming up for auction. Hoping to develop a unique niche, she convinces her boss to bid on an island estate and use the drug bust publicity as a marketing hook. The house went under contract nearly before the ink on the Multiple Listings dried. Much to her surprise, the buyer is the husband of a competing bidder at the auction.


Catherine is busy preparing the house for the closing ceremony when she finds her rival dead in the master bathtub. The Medical Examiner determines the death is a drug murder not the tragic accident it first appeared. The DEA investigation uncovers leads that put Catherine in the center of the ever tightening web of evidence. With her entire life under a microscope, Catherine works desperately to unpluck the tight-knit skein of circumstances that tie her to the death before she becomes the next victim.

Murder in the Multiples Kait Carson
Returning Soon
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